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Our Services

Only Outdoor Lighting Designs combines science and artistry to provide solutions for your lighting needs. We use only the finest lighting systems and know which fixtures suit your property best. Our services are available for residential and commercial clients in New Jersey.


Each design is customized to blend with the focal points of your property. We plan every project according to customer’s needs, style, goal, and budget.


Our team consists of highly trained installation specialists. We do not subcontract any part of the project.

Service and Maintenance

To keep your system in top condition, we perform service and maintenance annually. Take advantage of our maintenance and receive priority service throughout the year. 


  • Check transformers’ and fixtures’ connections and voltage levels.
  • Straighten and secure fixtures.
  • Reposition or relocate fixtures as needed.
  • Change Halogen bulbs as needed
  • Change LED bulbs as needed.
  • Clean lighting fixtures

  • Re-bury exposed wires.
  • Check timer.
  • Trim plant overgrowth around fixtures.


We cannot be held responsible for:

  • Any damage caused by equipment or machinery
  • Damaged or cut wires caused by gardening tools or because of landscaping changes
  • Transformers and timers unplugged by anyone other than our staff
  • Any electrical problem upstream of the transformer
  • Lightning strikes, acts of God, or any problem caused by home electrical issues
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